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What Makes Me A Top SEO Expert in London?

Despite the fact that you may have typed SEO Expert London or something similar. I’m actually based in Yorkshire I’m sure you will have already established that finding a London SEO specialist that is affordable and provides good results is costly. However, that’s the beauty of SEO. I don’t need to be London based in order to optimise your website and give you the online presence you need to be successful. I can do it from anywhere.

Because I don’t live in London I can charge you much less for SEO because of the difference in living costs between London & Leeds; and get you the same (if not better results) than any other SEO Consultant London has to offer.

How Does It Work?

The key to my success in SEO Consultancy has been the research at the beginning of my campaigns. So that where it all starts – Research. Once you let me know what your website is about/its niche I will then conduct extensive research; find out who you your competitors are and establish a plan to start driving traffic to your website.

Can You Guarantee Certain Results By A Certain Time?

No, nobody can and if they are they shouldn’t be. Whether you doing SEO in London or Leeds, it doesn’t matter. The challenges are always there. By challenges I mean Search Engine challenges. Search Engines such as Google work on an algorithm that is constantly updating so the challenge is to ensure you stay ahead of the game. What I can say is I’ll be working to get you the results as quick as I can.

Are My Techniques Safe?

Yes – I do not use or condone blackhat tactics. Only White-Hat. No SEO Consultants UK or beyond should be offering this because the same rules apply worldwide. 

How Much Will It Cost?

Part of the reason I became a Freelance SEO Consultant after leaving an SEO company in Leeds is because I wanted to make SEO more affordable and transparent. I’m going to start the transparency now by saying it is impossible to have fixed prices in SEO that are fair. It all depends on your niche and competition and the amount of work that will be required to achieve high rankings. Again because of my location I can say it is highly likely to be cheaper than any other SEO Experts London has at its disposal. For example though, if you wanted to become one of the largest Airlines. You may look to rank for a term such as largest airlines in the world. Because of the amount of competition you would face the price is going to be higher than a say a local term such as SEO Consultants London.

Do I Offer Face To Face Consultations?

Yes – This purely depends on your requirements. It would work just the same as any local SEO consultant in London. In fact it’s not only London & Leeds SEO I provide but these are my main areas.