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SEO Company VS Individual

Why Working With An Individual SEO Expert Is The best Choice Over Any SEO Company Leeds Has To Offer


People often assume that working with an SEO company Leeds or wherever is the best option. That some how a company is able to get better results. Let me tell you this certainly is not the case. I have proven time & time again to be one of the best & most affordable SEO services Leeds & beyond. Yes that’s right not just Leeds but I’ve had great success in London too. Lets think about this logically because if you do it will soon become clear why hiring an SEO company makes no business sense.

  • Cost – SEO Consultants UK or beyond are able to provide more affordable SEO because the number of overheads are much less.
  • Companies often gloss things up through the use of their brand. Stating that they can offer you more, or make statements like “best SEO company UK for the last 3 years at the SEO awards” etc.  When in reality they are offering you know more than any UK SEO services that may be provided from an individual. They may also “sex up there services or company by referring to themselves as a digital agency Leeds.
  • More personal – companies often forget the basics. As a customer you want to be able to get in touch with your consultant easily and be updated with regards to the progress of your campaign. Having worked for more than one Leeds SEO company, I am able to confirm that communication often breaks down.
  • They may also try to sell themselves as a bespoke SEO company and make it so you as a customer need to go with them because they specialise in a certain field/area. Please don’t  listen to this. Any individual UK SEO is able to get you ranking regardless of niche. SEO works the same regardless whether its been done by a UK SEO company or a sole person.
  • Agencies have been known to over-exaggerate the work that is required to get more money simply because the high overheads dont make it worth it for them. Some organisations point blank refuse to take on local SEO clients. Local meaning terms such as SEO Leeds, SEO Sheffield or they can also be what is known as long-tail terms such as SEO services Leeds, search engine optimisation Leeds etc.
  • Invisible tactics – I’ve seen companies utilise their location to draw clients in. Using statements such as “Local SEO Expert London” or SEO Consultant London. Which is fine but with extra emphasis on the location it is misleading. It would actually be more impressive if they were ranking for SEO consultant UK or SEO agency UK because the term is much broader.


This article is not designed to tell you not to use an SEO company, there are some top-class SEO services in Leeds. Yes I’m happy to name a few.


Salt Agency

Epiphany agency or epiphany marketing


It is designed to get you thinking about what is the right SEO solution for you.