Who Am I?

Hello, I’m Sean Greenwood and i’m SEO Consultant based in West Yorkshire. Having worked in many organisations across the UK I decided to become a Freelance SEO Consultant. I started out as a Junior SEO Consultant and worked my way up to become a top SEO Consultant. Also helping others progress in their SEO roles.

What does an SEO do?

My role as your SEO specialist is to ensure that you get those page 1 rankings in the most efficient, cost effective way. A way that is safe for your business and ultimately your reputation.

What do I mean by “safe”?

Their are two types of methods utilised in the SEO industry. “White Hat” which is the art of Search Engine optimisation being conducted in a way that Google likes – gaining natural links, producing well structered high quality content that is keyword rich; attracting natural traffic. Also known as “Organic Traffic”

Contrastingly, their is an alternative technique which is known as “Black-hat” this is using techniques that Google will hate you and consequently penalize your site. Leading to you losing any ranking power you may have. Don’t worry I wont be putting you’re business/brand at risk. I conduct SEO organically.

What locations do I cover?

The beauty about my role is I can do it from anywhere. you can check out my locations. One minute I’m Sean the SEO Consultant London; the next the SEO Consultant Manchester. So as you can see I’m not just a local SEO Consultant.

I’ve heard SEO rates are high is that right?

In this game it all comes down to you/ your business individually – how much competition is their in your niche etc because that is the deciding factor because it determines how much work will be required to get you the results you need. For example ranking for a local term such as SEO Leeds wouldn’t be as difficult as ranking for something national like car rental for instance.

I’m looking for a small business SEO because I’ve only just started; would you accept this?

Yes of course – your package would be tailored to your needs where possible.

Find out if you need SEO within 60 Minutes

Still not convinced? Here are some facts

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